No debo ser frágil, 2013.
107 x 131 cm.
Blackboard and chalk.

Priscilla Monge (Costa Rica, 1968)

Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Costa Rica in 1991. The same year she settled in Brussels, Belgium, where she lived and worked for four years, returning to Costa Rica in 1995. There she made his first solo exhibition in Jacob Karpio Gallery. Since then, she has made more than 15 solo exhibitions in Costa Rica, Brazil, Greece, Belgium, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Spain and the United States. Monge transforms our expectations, subverts hierarchies of power and the meaning we give to the objects, that accompany us daily, to reflect on issues such as violence, morality, the search for identity, the woman and confrontation of public and private areas in our individual lives and in society. While taking a look next to the harsh reality hidden beneath the surface of everyday life, her work does not stop doing this with a sharpness and extraordinary mood sometimes explicitly, sometimes subtly. Her works, with great conceptual burden, move between drawing, photography, video, sculpture and installation.