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Colección Diéresis is a contemporary art source established in Guadalajara, México. It’s name origins in the eponymous diacritical mark which is a subtle gesture that gives a new sound or a different voice, to an already known element of language. Departing from this operative platform the works and projects that constitute Colección Diéresis, attempt to generate significant displacements in the perception of that which seems ordinary.

Like most Mexican collections the starting point of this group of works started as a cultural interaction within a local environment and has gained terrain over time. The collection was initiated in the first decade of the twenty-first century focusing in local visual arts and ultimately has expanded its gaze towards a broader and international art production. Currently, the collection has several investigation areas, for example; one that studies the relationship between twentieth-century Mexican drawing and the contemporary production of drawing abroad, also, an area dedicated to twentieth-century furniture design.

As a young entity, which is in constant formation, Colección Diéresis is devoted to research, acquire, preserve and spread contemporary art formations. All this in the aim to produce new connections between knowledge and experience from an aesthetical and analytical position, and find new meanings for the historical trajectories that comprises the present cultural landscape.